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Freud spoke about 'Love & Work being the cornerstones of our humanness', so let me give you a sense of what I love and the work I do...

I am based in leafy SW London and work takes me all over the UK and abroad. I have a Mediterranean background and speak conversational Italian and French. My living space is very important to me and I work passionately at creating a relaxed, beautiful and fun home. I enjoy preparing food to share in the company of family and good friends. Time for me is spent practising Yoga and out walking to reconnect with nature. I'm learning Ballroom & Latin American dance, I enjoy playing and watching tennis, watching movies, theatre, music events and travelling to warmer cllimes! My raison d'etre has centred around my two children who are now both enjoying life at university.

I have worked in the world of organisational development as a freelancer since 1988 and created my company AuthenticQ Ltd in 2009. My coaching, leadership & team development work brings together my experience and interest in business and psychology. I believe in a holistic, systemic approach to the work and two main schools of psychology inform my work: Positive Psychology and Gestalt. 

I have an MA in Psychological Coaching from the Metanoia Institute. I have trained to Master Practitioner level in NLP and hold a diploma in Business Performance Coaching from Newcastle College. I am a member of APECS [Association for Professional Executive Coaching & Supervision] and the Association for Coaching and have held a joint Chair position for the Independent Consultants Forum/CIPD Wimbledon Branch for two years. I am an accredited Myers Briggs Type Indicator administrator. 

Through AuthenticQ Ltd I work directly with organisational clients and I also work as an associate with three consultancies:



Cranfield University: Vella1827